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Active camouflage for wild life photographers

In this project, my aim was to address two significant challenges in the field of camouflage: concealing human motion and enhancing pattern versatility.

Currently, camouflage suits restrict users to specific locations where the pattern matches the surroundings. However, even when the colors blend seamlessly, our eyes are naturally drawn to any movement made by a human. To tackle this, I designed a novel concept suit that integrates with a mobile app.

Upon reaching the desired hiding spot, the user captures three images of textures from the surrounding environment. These textures are then seamlessly blended together using the phone app and transmitted to the surface of the camouflage suit. The suit incorporates an active camouflage display that mimics the movement of leaves and branches swaying in the wind, effectively concealing any human motion.

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Design Guidelines

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Eink company developed electronic textiles that contain micro capsules filled with 4 types of ink particles. when a spesific electric field is applied, the wanted particles in the capsule rise to the surface and create visible colors. Every microcapsule can create various color combinations while consuming minimal amounts of energy.

This technology is similar to the camouflage mechanism of squids who have chromatophore cells that they use to change colour rapidly, producing a wide variety of bright colours and patterns. Inside the chromatophore cell, pigment granules are enclosed in an elastic sac. To change colour the animal distorts the form or size of the sac by muscular contraction, changing its translucency, reflectivity, or opacity. 

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