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Heating device for small living spaces

The starting point of this project was the observation that heating devices, which are seasonal items in essence, comprise a very prominent part of our domestic space throughout the entire year, especially in small-sized apartments, in which they become a major obstacle that limits both movement and accessibility. In a world where small apartments and lofts are a huge part of the urban ecosystem, a highly functional, compact, efficient and, if possible, aesthetically appealing heating solution is a dire need. Rise is such device, which combines the aforesaid aspects through seamless flowing and easy transition between an active state and an easily stored and highly compact folded state.



Rise's mechanism is comprised of an oil tank (at the base), a simple pressuring mechanism, and tubes made of flexible, thermally conductive polymer, which, when turned on, are filled with one liter of oil. When the tubes get filled with oil, the oil's pressure straightens the tubes upwards, bringing the product to its functional, unfolded state. 


In its functional state I strived to create a shape which enables optimal air flow and maximum heat conductivity, all while keeping an aesthetically appealing see through structure, which shall not create a bulky or restricting feeling when placed in small spaces. 


In its stored state I strived to create a quiet visual appearance that can be effortlessly integrated in any space and, if needed – easily stored. In its stored state Rise is closed and covered by a designated integral compartment which protects it from dirt when stored. 

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