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Do you remember the first time that you touched a butterfly?

This amazing childish experience of surprise from its movement, its vivid dance of colors,

the magic of its flight, the sense of feeling that the thin wings leave on the fingertip?
Imagine a world in which the objects around us interact with us in a similar way –

reacting, transforming and adapting to us and to their surroundings.
Researching and developing this magical interactions are my biggest passion as a designer.

My name is Sunny Lustov, in my work I am integrating design across disciplines such as material science, art, physics, design, and computation.
I have 5 years of experience in Research and Development of products, technologies, and materials which I gained from my jobs along the way.

Nowadays, I am cooperating with chemistry and physics laboratories, exploring pioneer materials and their implementation in the development of novel design methods.

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