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Providing an Urban Habitat for Insects

Collaboration with: Claire Wright, Meren Pegler, Romi and Keren Attas, and Avia Eyal

1st place at                   Game Changer Competition


The world's insects are hurtling down the path to extinction which can lead to a global collapse of the ecosystem.

Due to their crucial role as pollinators - Decline in insect population and versatility can lead to plant extinction and starvation.

One of the main causes for the decline is urbanization and destruction of natural habitats. Bugitat is an urban structure that creates green corridors linking between insect habitats. The project provides small habitats in the urban environment that can reduce the harm caused to insect populations due to urbanization and natural habitat destruction.

pole render (1).png
wall render.png
zoom wall (1).png

Bugitat is a hollow, decomposable modular brick made of a composition of loofah,
charcoal, and soil. It is attached to existing structures in the urban fabric in order to transform sterile and hostile surfaces into thriving little islands on which the insects can feed, rest, and nest. The design also serves educational purposes using transparent areas, which reveal the underground structures of insects. This transparent structure creates a unique encounter between humans and insects, which can one day change society's perception of how we interact with insects and nature.

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