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Reveal What's Underneath I

Chromatic secrets frozen in ice 

My starting point for this project was the desire to create an experience of creation, playfulness and surprise through revealing colors. I wanted the user to be surprised with the final result that becomes clear only after the ice melts, creating different appearances on the paper. 

To begin, I crafted small 1X1X1 cm ice cubes infused with red cabbage extract at their core. Concealed within each cube was a layer of soda powder, vinegar, or potassium hydroxide, separated from the cabbage extract by an ice buffer.

Initially, all the ice cubes appeared identical, with purple cores. However, as the buffer melted away, the cabbage extract reacted, transforming into shades of red, blue, green, or yellow, depending on the embedded material. (20).gif

To further enhance user exploration and creativity, I designed ice blocks of various sizes and colors, infused with watercolors. Each user could arrange the ice in different compositions and observe as new patterns emerged during the melting process. Colors blended together, meandered across the paper, until the water dried, leaving behind the final piece.


When exhibiting this work, I showcased the finished, dry pieces on the wall. Each table featured a frame with a blank watercolor paper and a box containing the vibrant ice blocks. Users engaged in playful exploration, creating their unique artwork. Once dried, the participants' creations were directly hung on the wall using the provided frames. 

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