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Computational Camouflage


​Technology Unit 81 Experience - Special Operations Division

During a formative period of my professional journey, I was fortunate to be part of a design workshop within a specialized division focused on pioneering advancements in embedding technology within diverse terrains.

This experience kindled two enduring passions within me: a fervor for research and a profound fascination with the intricate interplay between nature and technology.

Throughout this significant chapter, I had the honor of leading projects encompassing product design, development, and research.

These initiatives delved into pioneering methods, cutting-edge technologies, and novel materials.

Collaborating with exceptional individuals spanning various disciplines, including physicists, material scientists, computer scientists, and mechanical engineers, we embarked on exhilarating ventures in product design, development, and cutting-edge research.

Together, we pushed the boundaries of conventional thinking, exploring innovative methods, technologies, and materials to unlock new realms of possibility.


From the outset of my work, I harbored a strong aspiration to incorporate emerging digital design, 3D printing, and 3D scanning technologies into our processes, recognizing their immense potential to unlock new horizons.

In 2017, I had the privilege of being awarded the Technological Unit Excellence Award for my for presenting a new method in the field. This honor was bestowed upon me in recognition of a pioneering approach that harnessed the power of digital design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing technologies.

*Please note that, due to the nature of projects undertaken within the Intelligence Unit, I am unable to provide visual documentation of the work conducted.

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